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The Fundamentals


DTG's Mission:

To help our clients understand the added value of diversity in the workplace and marketplace and to help our clients create and promote more inclusive work environments that leverages and maximizes this diversity.

DTG's Vision:

A better workplace where everyone feels like they "have a chance," they can participate, they can add value, and make a difference

DTG's Passion:

To make a difference

Diversity - All of our human differences

Diversity Training - Understanding how our differences may effect or influence our relationships at work (peers, subordinate, boss, and customers - intentionally or unintentionally)

Relationship Between Diversity and an Inclusive Work Place - The intent of looking at the diversity in your workplace and customer ranks is to create (impact) a more inclusive work environment for all employees and in the process attract more customers

A Diversity Issue Exists when…..

An issue (policy or business practice - formal, informal, internal, or external) has a different impact on a particular group (i.e., impact on men vs. women, black vs. white, American vs. foreign, urban vs. rural, married vs. single, etc.)

It happens more frequently to a particular group (i.e., different groups may have dramatically different "numbers" - turnover, terminations, promotions, discipline, few or no role models, etc.)

It is more difficult for one group to overcome (i.e., upward mobility for a particular group within an organization - "glass ceilings")

A diversity issue exists where the policy or business practice has an impact exclusive of difference (not inclusive of difference). Is there a trend or pattern (intentional or unintentional)?

Having a diversity issue is not necessarily a bad thing. Doing nothing about it given you have knowledge of the issue is where organizations go wrong (negligence). Being in denial about these issues do not make them go away. Ignorance is not bliss inside or outside the courtroom. The real question is why do we have this issue and can we take action to correct it or improve the situation.