Best Practices in Inclusivity

These practices have been compiled from observing and participating in the successful implementation of hundreds of inclusivity initiatives.

bulletDo you have a workplace inclusivity strategic plan? 
bulletDo you have formal policies and procedures in place for promoting your inclusive work environment?
bulletHave you made the business case for all of your diversity initiatives?
bulletHave you done your research- internal and external customer data? (See article in this issue)
bulletDo you have a workplace inclusivity/diversity advisory or steering committee (ad-hoc employee group)?
bulletDo you conduct structured group interviews for open management positions?
bulletDo you have a formal, fully-inclusive mentoring program?
bulletAre you attempting to diversify your recruiting pool while maintaining high standards?
bulletAre you conducting diversity training for managers, supervisors, and employees?
bulletHave you completed sexual harassment prevention training for all of your employees?
bulletDo you offer more advanced courses in gender communications, problem-solving, and conflict management for diverse employees?
bulletHave you developed an in-house diversity resource center complete with books, videos, newsletter, and other educational materials like multicultural calendars and made all of this available to your employees?
bulletAre you acknowledging and celebrating the diversity within your employment ranks before attempting to value and manage your diversity (events, activities, etc.)?
bulletWhat are you and your organization doing? What is working? Share your successes and what you learned from your failures. Seek credit for your organization or submit anonymously. I guarantee confidentiality if you desire it.