Diversity Training Topics

Diversity Training Group is proud to announce a new series of training seminars. We want your business and DTG is confident you will experience positive behavior changes in your workplace with our professional, highly interactive, and skill-based training. We are offering a FREE two-hour session at your location - DTG’s New Years gift to you! The only cost will be our facilitator’s traveling and lodging expenses.
DTG trainers, Mauricio Velasquez, Kelly Burrello, and Marty Brown, have decades of experience in all of these training topics. We will work closely with you to specifically tailor each session to align with your business goals. Please choose from the list below and ask us about our diversity and sexual harassment e-learning programs. If there are other training topics that would enhance your productivity and morale, please contact us.

 Assertive Communications in a Diverse Workplace
 Dealing Effectively With Difficult People
Overcoming Communication Barriers
 Building Diverse Teams
 Creating a Core Value of Respect in Your Team
How Inclusive Teams Benefit Everyone
 Career Planning in a Diverse Workplace
 Focusing on the Positive Impact of Unique Individual Contributions
The Significant Benefits of Career Planning
 Developing Strategies, Missions, and Visions for Diverse Organizations
 Aligning Individual and Organizational Visions
Developing a Strategy for Diversity Enhances Productivity
 Leading a Diverse Workplace
 Building Trust: The Glue of All Businesses
Creating an Atmosphere that Motivates Everyone Overcoming Apprehensions and Negative Assumptions
 Organizational Assessments or Audits to Ascertain Levels of Inclusiveness and Diversity Friendliness
 Respect: An Essential for All Businesses
 Enhancing a Positive, People-Friendly Environment by Building Respect for Everyone PreventingWorkplace Violence
Sexual Harassment Identification and Prevention