Inclusive Strategies: Best Practices for Forming and Maintaining a More Inclusive Work Environment

Menu of Sample Action Items: (Are you doing any of these things?)

bulletSteering committee is formed (All activities driven from inside – employee driven)*
bulletRegular Attitudinal Surveys (benchmarking)
bulletNeeds Analysis or Diagnosis is conducted (Prior to doing anything) *
bulletDiversity Training – awareness & skill-based
bulletGender Equity and Leadership Training (Sexual Harassment Prevention)
bulletMentoring Training (Inclusive, selective and prestigious)
bulletManagement Training and Development (talent pool)
bulletBrown Bag Lunch Programs (continuing education)
bulletReward & Recognition (Advancement, Performance Management, Promotions) put your money where your mouth is *
bulletProblem-solving, conflict management, active listening - provide skill kit or tool kit
bulletStudy your customer – Who is your customer? Your increasingly diverse customer base is studied and analyzed
bulletBest practices constantly studied – What are other organizations doing (within industry and outside industry)?
bulletFamily friendly policies are studied and put in place (flex place/time, telecommuting, job sharing, paternity leave, daycare, eldercare, etc.) *
bulletAffinity or network groups are supported and encouraged
bulletWho are we? Do your employee ranks resemble your customer ranks? Can you provide customer service to a stranger?
bulletStructured Group Interviews are put in place (for hiring)
bulletRecruitment Initiatives – find and recruit more diverse staff *
bulletRetention Activities (Include all forms of training and development) – keep the diversity you have *
bulletCommunity Outreach *
bulletInclusive Work Place Resource Center (audio tapes, videotapes, books, magazines, etc.) Characteristic of a learning organization *
bulletRegular Newsletter (3x/year min.) highlighting internal and external best practices (maintain momentum) *
bulletJob aids – mouse pads, screen savers, posters, etc.
bulletCase Study Development and Practice – application of skills
bulletMulticultural Calendars Including Intranet Calendar
bulletWeb Page – Internal and External (visit

*EEO/AA initiatives clearly defined and separate from diversity and inclusive workplace activities (reduce backlash) ** Critical Success Factors (Backbone of organization-wide diversity and inclusive workplace activities and initiatives)

DTG assists organizations with all of these initiatives and endeavors.