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Holland Knight Law Firm

Highly Regarded Firm for their Diversity efforts
From DTG Research 2005

·        Language on website:

o       Holland & Knight is committed to the development of a diverse work force of lawyers, professionals and staff from across racial, gender, age, ethnic, national, sexual orientation and religious lines in order to provide to our clients the benefit of an experienced pool of professionals reflective of the national and international marketplace in which we do business.

·        Minority Initiative

o       Firmwide Diversity Committee that is appointed and monitored by Managing Partner

o       Have more minority partners than any firm in the country

o       Among top five law firms in the U.S. with highest number of Hispanic-American attorneys

o       Awarded the Thomas L. Sager Award by the Minority Corporate Counsel Association

o       Mentoring program

§         Extensive program to help minority associates, minority lateral partners, and minority senior counsel with their business, professional, and social development

o       Recruitment and hiring

§         Committed to identifying minority candidates

§         Want to be the firm that most represents the communities they serve

§         Identify under-represented groups and target recruitment at those candidates

§         Focus on entry-level and lateral minority recruitment, minority associate development, and collegiality with other firm minority attorneys

§         Maintain close contact with all of firms partners and associates, law school deans, federal and state judges, in-house corporate counsel, and minority community leaders to identify minority candidates

o       Grievance procedures

§         Develop procedures for handing allegations of discrimination to protect the interests of those bringing the accusations and those that are accused

o       Cultural Recognition

§         Identify opportunities to recognize the unique cultural celebrations of different groups, i.e. African-American History Month, Chinese New Year, Holocaust Remembrance Project

o       Internal Diversity Report

§         Regular reports on the status of diversity initiatives

§         Inclusion of minority partners, senior counsel and associates as leaders in firmwide marketing efforts

§         Recruitment and retention of minority partners, entry level and lateral associates and senior counsel

§         Reports on persons who make exemplary contributions to our diversity efforts or, on the other hand, those who do not

§         Inclusion of minorities in leadership positions within the firm such as Practice Area Leaders, Department Chairs, Directors Committee members, Executive Partners, and others 

·        Women’s Initiative

o       Similar to Diversity Initiative, but focused on female attorneys

o       Primary goal is to increase new client generation by female attorneys, improve collections by female attorneys, increasing new matter origination, and raise the level of civic and professional contributions of female attorneys

o       Provides a forum for women to discuss issues of creating a positive work environment for women in the firm

o       Look at firmwide issues of recruiting and retaining women lawyers, developing and creating lawyering opportunities to women who have important family obligations, and exploring avenues of job flexibility