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Corporate Social Responsibility

Many organizations are now approaching their internal and external diversity issues with a new “set of lenses” so to speak.  Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR is a growing movement to look at capitalism in a whole new light.  DTG welcomes all of the help we can get.  With that in mind we welcome CSR Wire as a new partner in our efforts to help our clients meet the DTG mission.
DTG Mission:  To help organizations excel by recognizing and achieving their fullest through people and communities.
What is CSR?
·        Aligning Business Operations with Social Values…For the benefit of all Stakeholders
Stakeholders - Who are they?
·        Anyone affected by a company’s operations
·        This includes:
o       Employees
o       Community
o       Suppliers
o       Management
o       Shareholders
o       Environment
o       Economies
o       Politics
o       Individual and Collective Consciousness
o       Customers (to be revisited)
CSR Topics
·        Diversity- The recognition of differences (and similarities) in the workplace and marketplace
o       Racial
o       Ethnic
o       Age
o       Sexual orientation
o       Gender
o       Political
o       Economic
o       Religious
o       National Origin
o       Class, income
o       Other differences – what is important to you and your organization?
·        Business Ethics- The active consolidation of the impact of a company’s decisions on its stakeholders
o       Financial
o       Advertising
o       Employee Relations
o       Vendor Selection
·        Environment – The consideration of the impact of a company’s policies on natural resources
o       Recycling
o       Emissions
o       Water Use
o       Presentation
·        Workplace Issues – The consideration of the impact of a company’s policies on its employees
o       Time off
o       Employee Benefits
o       Work Environment
o       Sexual Harassment
o       Compliance with Labor Laws
o       Communication
·        Community Development – A company’s contribution to the quality of life in a community
o       Affordable Housing
o       Recreation
o       Education
o       Safety
o       Healthcare
·        Corporate Governance – Actions of a subset of stakeholders setting and following policies designed to maximize and balance the benefits to all  
o       Ownership structure
o       Stakeholder representation
o       Accountability
o       Communication
o       Transparency
o       Disclosure
o       External influences
o       Board structure/Effectiveness
·        Corporate Giving – Charitable Contributions
o       Financial Support
o       Products and Services
o       Volunteering
o       Mentoring
o       Community Outreach
·        Human Rights – A company’s consideration of policies on individual freedom and well being
o       Safety
o       Fair Wages
o       Working Conditions
Who is Interested in CSR Communications and Why?
·        Activists
o       To control company behavior
o       Attempt to hold companies accountable
o       Expose poor behavior
o       Draw attention to issues
o       Education
o       To gauge progress of their cause
·        Consumers
o       To be educated
o       To make better buying decisions
o       To learn about companies they  buy from
o       To make investment decisions
o       To understand a company’s values
o       To influence other’s buying decisions
·        Journalists
·        Analysts
·        Academics
·        Investors
·        Employees
·        Vendors
·        Public-at-large
Want to learn more, check out our link with CSR Wire.  Enjoy!