Successful Diversity Initiatives--Holy Cross Hospital

Holy Cross Hospital

Mauricio Velásquez, President
Diversity Training Group

Diversity training is not the only answer. It must be part of a bigger plan of action addressing the systems, the structures, and the culture of the organization. It would be beneficial to focus on how other companies are implementing diversity-related support initiatives.

Every year, Holy Cross Hospital sponsors several interesting diversity initiatives acknowledging and celebrating diversity within their employment and client (patient) ranks.

Fashion Show- employees are invited to wear clothing from their place of origin and model the attire at a gala. While employee model their clothing, a narrator reads cultural, religious, ethnic or other personal data to further inform and educate the audience. Information may include traditions, color, and symbolism as related to religion.

Martin Luther King Day Service- planned and administered by the Holy Cross Hospital Diversity leadership committee. I have personally attended the program. It included a variety of religious, ethnic, and cultural activities. This service spoke to everyone that attended with diverse food, music, and a wide variety of speakers.

US and World Map Activity- at a holiday gala one year, employees were asked to place a pin on the state or country where they were born. Posted in a public place at the hospital for some time later, it was clearly evident that Holy Cross Hospital employed people from all fifty states and approximately fifty countries.

Diversity Case Study Work/Management Development- cases were written specifically for Holy Cross Hospital by management and supervisory personnel illustrating common situations and issues that occur every day at Holy Cross Hospital. Given problem solving and effective communication skills (I-message), all managers retreated away from the hospital and worked in small teams. Their work was collected and published in a book for reference purposes.

What is your company doing? If you would like to share the activities your organization uses to celebrate diversity, please contact us.