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DTG Team Applauds President Obama

President Obama has issued his Executive Order 13583--Establishing a Coordinated Government-wide Initiative to Promote Diversity and Inclusion in the Federal Workforce.
OPM has issued its “Guidance on implementation of the Government-Wide Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan”.  The Guidance provides agencies with direction to enable them to fulfill the goals identified in Executive Order 13583 and coordinate their diversity and inclusion efforts within the agency in a collaborative and integrated manner.
The Diversity Training Group (DTG) applauds the federal government’s efforts to deliver excellent service to the public through a skilled, engaged, and diverse workforce.  We have supported and advised the authors of the OPM guidance.  Let DTG’s consultants help your agency implement this executive order.
Please contact Kevin Neal at 703.478.9191 ext. #4 (tel) /240.743.7392 (cell) / kevinn@diversitydtg.com (email) our Senior VP of Client Relations
The DTG Team:
Mauricio Velásquez, MBA, President, CEO (HQ)
Kevin Neal, MS, OD / SHR
Senior VP, Client Relations (Columbia, MD)
Angela Broom, Esquire, Chief Operating Office, Senior Consultant (HQ)   
Bushra Malik, Director, Client Services, Instructional Designer (HQ)
Willard Eng, Vice President, Senior Consultant (Los Angeles, CA)
Kelly Burrello, MS, Senior Consultant (Washington, DC)
Jacinta Marshall, MS, Senior Consultant (Columbia, MD)
Marci Oates, BA, Senior Consultant (Loveland, CO)
Ana Ramirez Sainz, Senior Consultant (Grand Rapids, MI)
Leslie Keelty, Ed. D., SPHR, Senior Consultant (HQ)
Mike Cobb, MS, IT, Web Guru (HQ)

Diversity Training Group’s diversity and inclusion consulting, coaching and training services provide our public sector clients with years of diversity and inclusion and public sector experience to assist them in moving their diversity and inclusion process forward.  Our experience in sexual harassment investigation, assessment, coaching, prevention strategy consulting, and training has only deepened our experience.  In 2012, federal agencies are still struggling to understand diversity and inclusion and many are still entrenched in the “count heads” mentality.  Leadership from several federal departments has been brought before Congress repeatedly to explain why they cannot diversify their workforce.  Federal agencies tend to be large, bureaucratic institutions that work hard to defend and support the bureaucracy.  Many fail to grasp the challenge of managing diversity and inclusion for competitive advantage or to leverage diversity and inclusion to increase organizational capability.
Diversity and inclusion management has to be customized to an agencies culture and goals; For too long, diversity and inclusion has been bandied about between the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) program and the Human Capital program, neither of which has the bandwidth.  In recognition of this issue federal guidelines established by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) have been issued to address these and other federal government diversity and inclusion roadblocks to success.
Diversity Training Group is a recognized, trusted source of sound diversity and inclusion strategies to assist federal government agencies implement this recent guidance from OPM to improve their diversity and inclusion programs.
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