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What is hot at DTG? How can DTG help you?

o  Toxic Employee / Toxic Workplaces – Respectful Workplace -Very Popular!

Dealing With Difficult People Including Anger Management

Dealing With Difficult Situations

Restoring Trust, Trust Building – See Leadership Below


o  Sexual Harassment Prevention – We are getting more requests!

            What is the law?  Obeying and Applying the Law, Being Proactive

            Investigations – We are doing more of these for clients

            1:1 Executive Coaching – Increasingly popular                                


o  Developing Strategies, Mission, and Vision for Diverse Organizations

            Aligning Individual and Organizational Visions

            Realizing that a Strategy for Diversity Enhances Productivity

Reviewing and Making Recommendations for (D & I Strategy) Improvement

Developing a Diversity and Inclusion Strategy and Plan aligned with Strategic Plan

            Conducting “Best Practice” Research on Best In Class, Sector, Industry


o  Leading a Diverse Workplace

            Building Trust: The Glue of All Businesses

            Creating the Atmosphere that Motivates Everyone

            Overcoming Apprehensions and Negative Assumptions

            Aligning Corporate Mission With D & I

 o  Organizational Assessments or Audits to Ascertain Levels of Inclusiveness and Diversity Friendliness – Budget friendly

            We Have Mastered the “Short and Quick Survey”

            Conducting Focus Groups

            1:1 Interviews In Person or Over the Telephone

            Forming and Facilitating Diversity Steering or Action Committees (DACs)


o  Diversity Training in Hostile Audience Environments – Takes a special approach and fully custom designed

What is Diversity and Inclusion Today

What are the Critical Skills / Competencies You Need

Building a Tool / Skill Kit

Applying These New Skills



            To Support Live Facilitator Lead Workshops

            Another Solution


 o  Building Diverse Teams

                        Creating a Core Value of Respect in Your Team

                        How Inclusive Teams Benefit Everyone

                        Critical Skills to Promote Inclusion

                        Building Cohesion Across Very Diverse Team Members

           o  Basic or Fundamental Diversity and Inclusion Management Skills

             Most People “Can Barely Manage People Like Themselves”

            What Critical Competencies Do You Need to Master in an Increasingly Diverse Workplace

            Building and Applying a New Tool Kit / Skill Kit (Case Studies)

                      o   Lastly, our WEBSITE is NEW / UPDATED / EXPANDED

                      New Photos

           New Videos

           News and Much More


If what you need is not on this list?  Just ask.  Our work, our clients, our capabilities, takes us across many industries and many related topical areas.  To all past clients – DTG special discounts apply.  To local clients (Washington, DC Metro) additional discounts apply.


Don’t be afraid to ask – “Can you do x or y?”  If it inside our core expert areas – we will step up. We are doing basic conference/seminar planning and facilitation.  We will not misrepresent what we can’t do.  Remember status quo is not working!!  We want to thank our newest clients for approaching DTG with their unique needs?

Welcome:        George Mason University

Liberty Mutual

National PTA

Pillsbury Law

Salisbury State University

Better yet – we have returning clients (always a good sign)


National Council on Aging                

National Institute for Standards and Technology


Mauricio Velásquez, MBA, President, CEO

Diversity Training Group

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